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Item Based Economy
Id like to propose this plugin to change our current economy to an item based economy.

This plugin allows for money to be stored in vaults as items rather than as a number, which means that you can have your own vault!

Vault protection is just the current protection plugin (LWC) so you will not need to learn anything new in order to share your money with a friend or two.
You can still use a command similar to /pay that automatically transfers funds to someone elses bank, so dont worry about not being able to pay large amount of money without an army of shulker boxes.

Vaults can also work for towns, which will be more useful as mayors can share the vault with certain townsmembers at their discretion to help them run a busy town.

One advantage of this system would also be that when a town falls, its vaults could be raided for money, quite likely lots of it.

For your consideration, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/gring...ial.42071/

- Ceiling_Cat
[Image: archimedes.png]

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