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New towny world 1.12

A while back I asked you if you wanted a new world when we updated to 1.12. Most of you didn't want this and I get that.
Unfortunately the old world isn't compatible with 1.12 so we do not have a choice. We will move over to a new towny world full of new adventures! 

Ofcourse your balance will stay! Aswell as your levels. You can take stuff with you aswell, this is how it will work.

Players need to put all the items they want to keep into a small group of chests at their home. When you have everything you want to keep in the chests, call over a staff member so that they can save a copy of the chests (a schematic) to our files. Then, once the new world is running and you have found a place to live you can call over a staff member to load up and paste in your chests. This way we can save everybody's stuff and restore it later, without needing both worlds running. We can also keep the chests on file as long as you need so that there is no rush to find somewhere to live.

We will NOT be moving ANY builds because many buildings incorporate the land around them and they will not fit the new terrain in the new world.

The new world will run simultaneously for 3 weeks to move over stuff yourself.

I'm sorry if you are not happy with this, there just in no other way. See at as a chance to start over!

I'm looking forward to see the new towns!

- DarkBoomba
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