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General Introduction Thread! Open to everyone :]
Hello There!

This is a thread in which everyone can introduce themselves.
I decided to make one so, this way we don't all have to make a thread if we don't want to make one, and everyone can check out the newcomers, welcome them and discuss about new players in one thread!
You may start with a short introduction, and a picture of yourself if you'd like. 

Anyway, I'll go first!


My in game name is PrinceBerley, 
You may know me as one of the moderators, the mayor of Hogsmeade and because I'm in the top of most of the rankings.
I joined the server around november last year, and have been active off and on since. 
As said, in game I am known as PrinceBerley. Though I am not a prince, or male for that fact, the name is an inside joke with my friends.
My real name is Kimberley and I am from the Netherlands, where I live with my cat and study to become a nurse.
Nice to meet you!

[Image: 14030627_1087290911308544_2095993502_n.jpg]
[Image: asun.png]
Its nicer organised if we all just get our own thread.
[Image: archimedes.png]
(06-01-2017, 10:22 PM)Ceiling_Cat Wrote: Its nicer organised if we all just get our own thread.

That may be so, and everyone can make one if they want to. 
I just thought, that if someone didnt want to start a whole thread, and wanted to get to know the people a bit easier, this'd be a nice way to do so Wink
[Image: asun.png]

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